Hello World (again)

A yellow fountain pen is on top of some handwritten work. Keyboard nearby

A series of unfortunate events has bought me to this place. I accidentally deleted five years of blogging – and for the record, I didn’t shed a single tear. There were no harsh words uttered, there was no panic or swearing (which in itself is nothing short of amazing). I kind of feel freed by it to be honest.

This is a new year and it is giving me the chance to have a complete digital do-over. Which is kind of awesome in a way.

I was an early adopter of craft blogging, my first blog (which is long gone) was on blogger… I think… and I can honestly say it, unlike others in the genre, never had autoplaying music – I hated that with a passion, still do. When I taught web design one of the things that I would get the students to do is to design and code the worst website in the world, it is funny how many of them could not bring themselves to have the autoplay music.

Anyhow fast forward about 17 years, and this space was being neglected, much like my quilting. Until I accidentally deleted it (the blog, not my quilting). But I am on “holidays” at the moment, so some time can be afforded to reviving the longer form of writing – I think if Instagram as my short form now – and it is fitting with my overall strategy for 2019… engage.

So what is the state of play at the beginning of this new year… I have family at home, anywhere between 2 and 4 kids at any one time (as well as assorted others, this is something of the mothership); am working as a university lecturer while trying to complete my PhD (hence the photo at the top of the page); the PhD topic is somewhat settled – I am looking at the interplay between regulation (of higher education in Australia), the international students themselves, and how the regulation influences the formation of identity and experience (using a poststructural/feminist approach)… so good times.

My quilting? Well the title of this blog is Sometimes I Quilt, so it is right there as advertised. I have a few on the go, if I did a stocktake there would probably be a couple which would be pretty close to finishing, but you know… that last little bit can be the hardest part (if I am honest there is possibly just a bit more than binding which needs to be done on a couple of them, and having said that I can see two quilts which need binding from where I am sitting and have needed it for over a decade (for the record I have used the overlocker/serger on them so they are holding up quite nicely).

So 2019 needs to be about engagement, be that with my family, my research or my wider world. I also wouldn’t mind going on a holiday at some point.